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Fat Burner – Which Should I Take and When?

Alpha T2 Fat Burner One of the questions we get asked a lot especially this time of year is what fat burners should I take? So what we will do here is go through the different types of fat burners available and which one may be right for you but first we will discuss when you should actually start taking.
When prepping a client for a show or simply working with someone who is looking to get in shape fat burners are always a subject that comes up and the big mistake a lot make is taking them from word go. The reason this is such an error is because if you introduce them straight away you don't have that as a new stimulant to kick start fat loss when things stall. This is why we always introduce them later in a diet as this will provide a stimulus and to help kick start things when fat loss may be grinding to a halt. The longer you can lose fat through diet and training alone , the better. Now onto the part most of you will be interested in which fat burner is right for me. I won't go into too much detail as we could be here all day and start baffling with science but we will tell you what you need to know to make the right choice of product. The first type of fat burners we will discuss are known very well in bodybuilding and fitness circles. They have been tried and tested for many years and providing everything else is in check with your diet work extremely well. These are known as ECA products and contain ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. These products go under the trade names ECA30+, EPH25+, Dymetadrine 30+, Diamond Labs , Hardcore Fat Burners, T5's and Rogue ECA50+ etc . This product works with the two stimulants ephedrine and caffeine synergistically working side by side ( the combined effect being greater than that of the individual substances alone ). Ephedrine stimulates the central nervous system (CNS) and mimics the effect of natural adrenaline in the body thus producing a lot of energy. This will increase the amount of heat the body generates. Caffeine also helps stimulate your metabolic rate and the aspirin works by increasing the breakdown of fats. These fat burners are only for very experienced users due to the powerful nature of the products and also anyone subject to drug testing will want to avoid these products too. We would recommend these for those who feel the need for serious energy so are ideal for the last few weeks of diets when calorie's at the lowest point in your diet.
The next style of fat burners we will discuss are what most of you will be familiar with and can be found in most supplement stores and health food shops. These contain a wide variety of natural stimulants including caffeine for the reasons we spoke about earlier, B Vitamins which help the body break down food for energy and also many other natural stimulants that increase body temperature. These are suitable for first time users and also experienced users too. When deciding which one is right for you make sure to check how many milligrams of caffeine and other stimulants are in the products. Obviously the more mg the stronger the product so for those new to fat burners look for a lower mg per cap. Any of these products below would provide excellent results for users and are a great introduction to fat burning products. These can be used in the last 4/8 weeks of a diet to help shed the extra few pounds when fat loss may be stalling or to help give you the energy to push through those gruelling workouts.
Finally a personal favorite of ours and some of the most effective supplements on the market in general are the non-stimulant fat burners we stock here at Human Performance Sports Nutrition. Rather than using stimulants to increase the bodies metabolism these work in different ways providing an excellent alternative to those stimulant sensitive trainers amongst us. The first product by the excellent Driven Sports is their Lean Xtreme product. This works by using an ingredient called Forskollin which helps to reduce cortisol. Cortisol is known to be responsible for the stubborn fat area's around the hips and waist. This makes it a fantastic product for those who are lean but still suffering from stubborn fat so would be a great choice for the last 4 weeks of your diet to help tighten up.
The other product in this category is PES Alpha T-2. This uses a combination of ingredients which increase your body’s metabolism without the unwanted side effects of stimulants. This makes it ideal as a stand-alone product used in the last 8 weeks of one’s diet or can be stacked with a product containing stimulants to really help burn fat.
So hopefully this gives you some idea when looking at which product is right to help you when your goal is fat loss. The products listed above are our best sellers in each category but if you have any questions on which ones may be suitable for you simply contact us through our facebook page or by the contact page on the site.


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