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Hardcore Bodybuilding Supplements

Hardcore Bodybuilding Supplements

Two of the fastest growing areas in sports nutrition over recent years have been prohormones (also sometimes refered to as ‘legal steroids’ ) , and fat burners.

These two products along with a structured diet and training programme can help to make rapid changes to your physique , so here is some information to help you decide if these products are right for you.

First of all we will discuss pro hormones which as we mentioned above are sometimes referred to as ‘legal steroids’.

That statement in itself give you an idea how strong these products are !

We at Human Performance Sports Nutrition have had great success using these in not only our own regime but also that of clients , hence us stocking them on the site.

Prohormones , unlike steroids , have only been availabe since the mid 90’s. They were brought to the market by a supplement developer called Patrick Arnold and made famous by baseball player Mark McGuire who destroyed the home run record one year. It was discovered that McGuire had used Arnold’s original prohormone during the season and the rest is history.

Over the years the legality of these products has been heavily debated especially in America with numerous products being banned by the FDA. The reason being is some were actually classed as a steroid rather than a prohormone which are precursers to steroids meaning your body would need to convert them unlike a steroid. The most popular compounds available today include superdrol, epistate, trenavol and max-lmg.

Here at Human Performance Sports Nutrition we designed both our products to include the above compounds. Heavy duty which is an excellent product for size and strength includes superdrol and max-lmg a tried and tested combination well known for its potency. Storm our other product has been designed to be the ultimate prohormone for dry, lean gains. This is a combination of epistane and tranavol making it ideal to use during cutting diets.

As mentioned above the potential benefits of taking prohormones include increased muscle size, strength, recovery and protein synthesis but what are the downsides? As with illegal steorids there are the potential for side effects and these are person dependant. Increased blood pressure and stress on the liver are amongst the potential sides but these can be minised by using a quality cycle support product such as Extreme Labs OCS which is available on the site. It is also recommended that users follow a post cycle therapy protocol to help resotore the bodies natural testosterone levels and again we suggest customers purchase the Extreme Labs PCT product which recieves excellent feedback from our customers.

Another thing users must be aware is that once you take these products you may no longer enter natural bodybuilding contests or any other federation in which follows WADA testing. But if this is not a concern as with any supplement if used properly and following the recommended dosing they can be an excellent addition for people looking to take their gains to the next level.

The other type of product mentioned at the start of the blog was fat burners which share a huge slice of the supplement market. The products we believe to be the best on the market are the Extreme Labs range namely the T5, T6 and T9 fat burners.

So when is the best time to take a fat burner. Well in our opinion the best time to take a fat burner is in the last six to eight weeks of your diet. This is usually the time when people drop their calories or increase the amount of work they do in the gym so the extra boost to energy levels these provide is needed.

These products contain an array of natural substances including caffeine which helps stimulate your metabolic rate and b vitamins which help the body break down food for energy. Other various ingredients are added depending on if you choose the T5, T6 or T9.

The T5 we class as the entry level fat burners for those who have never tired fat burners before or are stimulant sensitive. The T6 which happens to be a fav of ours is the mid level product but also has an excellent diuretic effect making it great for the last few weeks of your diet to help get that dry look. Finally the T9 which is the best seller is one of the strongest fat burners on the market. We don’t recommend this to first time users but for those who are experienced in the use of fat burners this is an excellent choice for shedding those last few pounds.

As you can see both prohormones and fat burners when used in conjunction with a strict diet and training regime can provide the boost you need to take your results to the next level. Anyone who has hit a plateu with either muscle gain or fat loss can benefit from adding these products into their supplement arsenal to help make the positive changes they are looking for.




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