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Mick Casey

Mick Casey

Mick Casey

Age : 40 Height : 5ft 9

Competitions to date

2011 NABBA UK First Timers 6th

2012 Yorkshire Open Novice Class 1st

2012 Central Britain Novice Class 4th

2013 Yorkshire Open Under 90kg 3rd

2013 Central Britain Class 1 6th

2013 NABBA UK Class 2 7th

2014 Yorkshire Open Over 90kg 1st

2014 Central Britain Class 1 3rd

2015 Mr Hull East Coast Masters Over 40s 2nd

2015 NABBA North East Masters Over 40s 4th

2015 British Classic Under 80kg 3rd

Sponsors : Human Performance Sports Nutrition (HPSN), and Ziggys Workhouse Gym.

I am a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic and also suffer from acute IBS so my diet needs to accommodate this as there are many foods that my body doesn’t tolerate so this is also built into my diet.

I originally started lifting weights around the age of 24 to help me add size and strength for my football. At this point I never considered competing in bodybuilding and it wasn’t until I hung up my boots and moved to a more “hardcore” gym that I began to take lifting weights and diet more serious. Seeing some of the bodybuilders at my gym getting ready for their comps and going to watch them on stage inspired me and this motivated me to have a go. Following my first competition in 2011 I got the bug and haven’t looked back since, competing each year.

I am very lucky to train at 2 excellent gyms; Ziggys Workhouse Gym in Rotherham (who also kindly sponsor me) and Muscle Fusion Gym in Sheffield (I also train at Ultimate Physiques in Castleford when I train with my coach and mentor Carl Ruston). In 2014 I joined the team as a representative for their clothing brand and more recently I have become sponsored by Human Performance Sports Nutrition (HSPN) who are a market leader in Pro Hormones, Fat Burners and many other bodybuilding / sports supplements. I’m very excited about representing this growing company and using their products in my preparation of the NABBA North East 2016 (where my aim is to qualify for the NABBA Britain Finals).

For my shows in 2015 I worked with Carl Ruston of HPSN and made significant gains in a very short space of time and am very fortunate to be working with him again (on diet, training and supplementation) in both my offseason and contest prep for 2015. Mick2

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