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Richard Gannon

Richard Gannon

Richard Gannon

Competitions to date

2011 Open Yorkshire Classic First Timers 1st

2011 Nabba Uk Intermediates 1st

2012 Open Yorkshire Classic U80kg 1st

2014 British Classic U80kg 2nd

2014 Central Britain Class 2 + Overall 1st

2014 Open Yorkshire Classic U90kg 2nd

2014 Nabba England Class 3 4th

2014 Nabba Uk Class 3 1st

2015 Hull East Coast Class 2 1st

2015 Nabba North East Class 3 2nd

2015 Mr Yorkshire open class 3rd

2015 Nabba British Finals Class 3 3rd

2015 British Classic U80kg 2nd

I started playing rugby at a young age and as a junior played at district and county level.

l eventually signed professional for Wakefield Wildcats after having several clubs interested in me.

During this time I was introduced as part of my training regime to weight training, I instantly loved it as I had grown up watching programs like He-Man and Films such as Conan with the great Arnold Schwarzenegger and always admired the physiques and strength of these characters.

From the age of 17 weights really started to take over my training and I met my good friend Jason Matthews who owns Ultimate Physiques in Castleford.

Jason took me in and taught me the basics of training and dieting and got me ready for my first show in 2011 and still plays a massive part in my prep now.

Bodybuilding has always been a part of my life in one way or another.

I am a very focused and determined individual and whatever life has thrown at me the gym has always been there for me! Richard Gannon

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