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The Benefits of a Sports Massage

marcin leeds Something I have been a massive believer in for the past 7 years is regular sports massages. Having damaged my lower back whilst moving a running machine thanks to the other person dropping it I have suffered since which is why I started using a massage therapist.
Most people will be aware of the usual benefits of sports massage such as:
  • Loosen tight muscles
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Assist in the removal of metabolic waste
  • Relax you to help you recover quicker
A good sports massage therapist will usually be able to diagnose issues you may have including problems like muscle imbalances ect.

Another huge benefit I believe sports massage therapists can help with is breaking down stubborn facia around the muscles. Some believe as do I that the tightness of the facia can limit muscle growth. Think the so called muscle memory people speak of. A theory is that the muscle can grown back quicker as the facia is already loose and stretched which to me makes perfect sense. So if you have a stubborn body part that does not seem to respond no matter what you do I would seek out a reputable massage therapist and let them work on and around the muscle and see if this helps.

For those in and around the Leeds are we only recommend one therapist and that is Marcin at Sports Massage Leeds who has been a great help and worked with some very reputable athletes.

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