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What Can I Take Between Cycles

What Can I Take Between Cycles

We often get asked how long do you have to wait in between a course of Advanced Pharma Heavy Duty or Storm before going back on.

Our advice is a minimum 12 weeks after you have finished your last cycle.

Even when taking the Extreme Labs OCS product we stock during your cycle , and following a proper PCT such as the Extreme Labs PCT product after , adequate time off is still needed to allow natural hormone levels to return to normal.

During this ‘off’ time period people want to know what they can take which will still help boost their efforts in the gym.

Our response every time is the Extreme Labs XXL Rebelled which is fast becoming one of the most popular natural testosterone boosters in the UK !

The reason XXL works so well is the combination of tried and tested ingredients in the product which are scientifically proven to increase your natural testosterone levels and also an ingredient which helps increase protein synthesis.

Although a natural product like this is never going to produce the same rapid increases in size and strength as pro hormones , it does offer a boost for those ‘ off cycle ‘ or those wanting to add something to their PCT protocol.

It is also an excellent choice for natural athletes , or those over 30 who’s natural levels aren’t what they used to be.

So if you are looking for a non hormonal product that can help increase recovery from hard sessions at the gym then Extreme Labs XXL is definitely the product of choice.




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