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What has actually happened to the fitness industry?

Fitness Industry Every day Facebook is flooded with people changing their profile picture numerous times in the hope that everyone comments on how 'good' they look.
Also whats with people practically begging for sponsorship! Tagging supplement companies in pics of themselves with a few of their products , and then the next month doing exactly the same thing with another brand ! with their #tags, 'best products ever' ! etc etc If your looking to be successful in the industry the best advice I can give is to train hard, build up your knowledge , and if you do promote yourself on social media do it in the right way ! Drop some knowledge bombs, do some Q & A's, take the odd progress picture! if you have actually made progress and if you are selling a service do it in the right way. #tagging special one day only offers two or three times a week looks desperate! The best people don't need to do much advertising as their results speak for themselves. So if you look at yourself in the mirror after reading this and feel any of the above applies to you then stop, give your head a shake and go back to the reason why you started all of this. People will follow you if they like what your about, so please all you trainers out there currently doing this all day!! ....reign it the hell in! fitness industry

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